At Live Oak Living Academy, we care about your child's safety. This includes not only their physical safety, but their academic and emotional safety as well.

Physical Safety

To help keep our students safe, we keep our classroom sizes small. We cap the enrollment of each class to a maximum of 15 students. 

We also have the following drills at the listed frequencies:

Academic Safety

It is our goal to make your child feel safe asking questions and being curious. In fact, questions are ENCOURAGED! We believe that asking questions is how we learn!

Additionally, we want to make them feel safe with their answers. While we will not condone students slacking off, we do appreciate each student trying their best. No one is perfect, so we do not expect every answer to be perfect. Our students will respectfully correct the misinformation during class discussion, or, if it is necessary to the lesson, the teacher will do so, but it will never be in a manner to make anyone feel less than or embarrassed.

Emotional Safety

First, while discouraged, we do acknowledge that while children are young, they are still learning the correct way to speak to their peers. This could mean teasing that wasn't meant to hurt another or a joke that got out of hand. The younger the student is, the more leniency there will be in the consequence.

However, purposeful and intentional bullying and harassment of others will not be tolerated. The consequence will be severe and could possibly include expulsion. In this scenario, the wellbeing of the child being bullied or harassed will be a top priority.

Happy child at Live Oak Living Academy, a private school in Lubbock, Texas.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that all of our students are happy, healthy, and feel loved!